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Bohemian Asymmetrical Blouse

Bohemian Asymmetrical Blouse

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Product features

    • The product is available in different sizes.
    • The product is available in different colors.
    • Black S on the model, Khaki size M.
    • Model's height:1:58 Weight:47
    • 100% cotton.

Bohemian Asymmetrical Design Blouse is just one of the most preferred pieces of Boho Yaşam's comfortable and shabby collection.

With the blouse collection of Boho Yaşam, it is now very easy to reflect your lifestyle on your clothing. Bohemian Asymmetrical Design Blouse, with its side detail, is designed for both ethnic and bohemian style lovers. You can enjoy your freedom to the fullest with both authentic, ethnic and boho chic style combinations . Bohemian Asymmetrical Design Blouse will be an ideal choice for those who like to dress comfortably and loosely.

With the Bohemian Asymmetrical Design Blouse, you can spend time comfortably and freely in different environments. Moreover, with the style you reflect, you will become the focal point of the eyes in every environment you enter. The shirt, which you can use comfortably for festivals, camping, long trips or at home, will soon become your best friend.

So how can a bohemian style be created?

If you like to dress comfortably and loosely, the first step is okay. You can create your own bohemian style by applying your free perspective towards life to your dressing style. In summary, you can create your own comfortable, stylish and free combinations by combining authentic, ethnic and shabby pieces. In addition to our wide top clothing collection, you can find a wide range of products that will create your own style, from extremely comfortable shalwars to pure hemp bags at Boho Life. All you have to do is explore.

With Boho Life, you can reflect your bohemian lifestyle not only to your clothing but also to your home. Thanks to Boho Yaşam's collection of incense holders, murals, candles, trowel and Tibetan sound bowls, you can easily capture the comfortable, shabby and free atmosphere you are looking for in your home.


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