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Create Your Bohemian Style, Start Living Your Freedom

Clothes from Nepal, handmade batik clothes, shalwars,
with ponchos, organic pure hemp bags and more
It's easy to create your unique bohemian style!

Tasarım El Yapımı Kolyeler

  • Boho's Product Range

    At Boho Living, she brings together authentic, ethnic, Nepali and handcrafted pieces to create her own comfortable, stylish, free style.
    and you can create a bohemian style.

  • Payment Methods in Boho

    At Boho Yaşam, you can make your payments by wire transfer, credit/debit card or payment at the door.
    you can do it.

  • Returns and Exchanges in Boho

    Exchanges and returns are made within the first 1 month at Boho Yaşam. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Product
    Returns and exchanges will take place after they reach us.